unknown beauty

Electronic Press Kit

Behind the UB project there is a thirty-nine year old musician, producer and composer who studied piano from the age of 10 and approached the world of rock and electronic music at the age of 15. He played electric bass and guitar in many bands and dedicated himself to producing soundtracks for theater producers and video makers. The Unknown Beauty project stems from the need to express certain sensations and situations that have remained unexpressed for a long time. This need is born now, in light of the reconsiderations that time has granted. The relationship with parents, the friendships of adolescence, the ambitions and dreams fulfilled and those broken, are all realities in the life of each of us. Being a 39 year old man finally able to process all the events that have occurred so far and give them new shape and size, makes the UB project very ambitious and powerful. A look at the contemporary age is mandatory for an artist.