“Have you ever wondered why no one is reacting to the wave of oppression and abuse of all kinds that we are undergoing? Have you ever been perplexed that absolutely nothing happens? Not even given the numerous revelations of cases of corruption, injustice, robbery and derision of the law and for the general population whose present and future have been literally stolen? Have you ever wondered why a mass revolution does not break out and why everyone seems asleep and hypnotized? In recent years, all kinds of information that would have damaged the Structure of the System, at its foundations, has been made public, yet this same structure continues to be intact without even a superficial scratch, this makes evident a truly disturbing fact that is before our eyes and to which no one pays attention Incredible, but the facts confirm this day after day: revealing the bloodiest secrets and making them public has no effect or, not there is a response from the population, however terrible and shocking the secrets are. For decades we believe that those who fought for the truth, informants capable of discovering hidden facts, could change things, could change the future of history. We actually grew up with the belief that knowing the truth was essential for creating a better and more just world and for those struggling to reveal the greatest enemy of mighty tyrants. And maybe it has been like that for a while.

Today, however, the “evolution” of society and especially of mass psychology has led us to a new state of affairs: a state of mind of the population that would not have dared to imagine the most alienated of dictators. The dream of every tyrant on the face of the earth: not having to hide from his people. To be able to publicly display all his corruption, wickedness and bullying himself without having to worry about any response from those he oppresses. This is the reality of the world we live in. And if you think this is an exaggeration, observe your surroundings in person. What is the use of knowing the truth about an important fact if we do not react no matter how serious its implications are? Let us not delude ourselves how difficult it is to accept all this. We face reality as it is … In today’s society, knowing the truth means nothing. Informing about the real events is useless; indeed, most of the population has reached such a level of psychological degradation that, as has been shown, the revelation of the truth and access to information further strengthen their inability to respond and mental inertia. The big question is why? What led all of us to this general apathy? And the answer, as always happens when we ask ourselves questions of this kind, is among the most disturbing. And it is linked to the psychological conditioning to which the individual of today’s society is subjected. The mechanisms that disable our response when we access the truth, however scandalous it may be, are simple and effective. And they are in our daily life.

Everything is based on an excess of information. It is a bombardment of stimuli so exaggerated as to cause a chain of logical events that end up resulting in a real lack of response: in pure apathy. And to fight against this phenomenon it is good to know how the process develops … It is the psychological mechanism that makes the population docile and submissive. It is the basis on which all the mental manipulations we are subjected to today rest. We can summarize it as follows: the excessive bombardment of information prevents us from having the time to give the right value to any information received and, consequently, to associate it with an emotional charge sufficient to generate an effective and real reaction. The most powerful don’t care about showing themselves as they are or revealing their secrets, no matter how dirty and dark they are. Revealing these occult truths largely contributes to increasing the volume of information we are bombarded with. Each secret unearthed produces new waves of information that can be manipulated and made toxic by the addition of false data, thus contributing to the confusion and chaos of information and from here come new secondary waves of information that stun us and sink us into the apathy. The bombardment of stimuli is a drug for our brain that needs more and more speed for the exchange of information and takes less time to be able to screen them. Our brain has turned into an information addict, a greedy junkie of continuously ingested data thought and analyzed by another brain so that we don’t have to make the effort to realize our opinion (which can be complex and contradictory).

The fact is, we hate doubt because it forces us to think. We don’t want to ask ourselves questions. We just want quick and easy answers. We want to receive information and replicate it as simple mirrors reflecting external images. The mirrors, however, are flat and have no life of their own, everything they reflect comes from the outside.

To undertake a profound transformation of the world, to initiate an authentic Revolution that changes everything and leads us towards a better reality, we must go into the depths of our psyche, into the “engine room”, where there are all the mechanisms that determine our moves, actions and our movements. It is there that the authentic war for the future of humanity is resolved. No one will save us by making brilliant proclamations and promises for a more just and equitable society from the pulpit. No one will save us by telling us an alleged truth or by revealing the darkest secrets of occult powers. As we have seen, information and truth are not important because our response mechanisms are changed. We have to go to them and fix them; and to do that we need to know how they work. And it will not be necessary to take a complex psychology course – we carefully observe and analyze on our own and we can get the result. It is not something esoteric or based on strange religious or New Age beliefs. It is pure truth: there is no possible revolution without a profound transformation of our psyche on an individual level because our mind is programmed by the System. So, to change the system that imprisons us, we must first uninstall it from our mind.