So Rushed - New release in coming on December, 29th 2019


Hi Guys!
Something really strange is going on these days. I don’t think I’ve ever been so creative. In the next few days a new song of mine entitled “So Rushed” will be released. A song that, as usual, means everything and nothing. It probably derives from that feeling of loneliness that every child and teenager experiences when parents are not at home for work or commitments. That desire to be seen as already grown up, as someone who has done exactly his homework and who is there at home waiting for his parents to come back to congratulate him on the excellent work he has done. And often not. You will listen to it very soon. But what I want to tell you today is that I received incredibly gifts from the absolute: two new songs that I started producing and that really surprised me. I don’t think I’m good, I think I deserve gifts. One speaks of a soul suspended in infinity who looks at their parents when they conceive it and the other of an incredibly strong love that seems to be, for someone who has read the text, the love of a daughter or the love for your existence. It is actually a love song for you. For you who know nothing, that one day you will wake up and you will still see me there by your side. Today on my Instagram profile I published a Green Day song played by me, Paper Lanters. A song that I have always liked and that today takes on an even stronger value.

Hello guys!
Have fun and happy holidays!


Sing for your soul

Do you feel so cool?

Everything I have never needed




I feel so alone 

cause you’re not home,

i’ve been waiting for so long 

wasting time till you would come. 

watching all the tv shows 

without saying a word at all. 

done all my homework, 

tidied up the room, 

i wish you could see how I’m in bloom…

and I realize that I want to lose control now, 

I’m warning out that I feel a kink in my neck.  

and so do not be shy, 

you have lost too much about love, kind, 

don’t feel so rushed 

when you need someone to be back

I’ll think of you 

every step of the way

And I know that my love will know

How to be felt by you so far away

you will see white clouds 

and I’ll be there, 

you will see blue skies 

and I’ll be there, 

On every dawn and every sunset

I’ll let you know that I’ll be there

And I realize there’s no need to lose control now,

Oh I was blind, not any kinks, neither a neck,

But yes I’m still shy

And I still lose too much about love, kind

I feel so rushed

When I need someone to be back.