How do I started this project and why?

Last summer I was in Salento, in southern Italy at my grandparents’ house. I have Italian origins but due to my father’s work we have often traveled a lot. I thought for a moment about the sick love that a friend of mine was experiencing. A love made of psychological abuses, of insecurities, of perverse logics that unequivocally are not part of love. I thought about how we could suffer even the deepest injustice, that towards our children, and remain almost helpless. I thought of everything you don’t need in love and how you need love to be instead, even the most unfair one. And then this song came. It was, like all the songs, a gift that you receive without any warning and that surprises you. At that moment I decided to create Unknown Beauty: a 22 year old New York singer. UB is free, UB can say everything he wants, UB is fantastic and above all “he is not me”. This great newfound freedom pushed me to write again and a few days later “Sing for your soul” arrives in my ears, like a cry of liberation. She always asked me to sing but we never managed to do something serious. I asked her, “What do you think should be on the cover of this new song?” And she: “A pupil, and inside a woman from behind… but it must not be easy to understand…”. 

Sing for your soul

UB also becomes a designer and a Photoshop expert. The second cover art arrives for the second single. God is present in the life of both as a presence that guides … and we believe in. What a strange life. Now we are on September 2019 and our lives resume the winter rhythms… I was thinking of all those guys who feel abandoned by their parents for various reasons…, perhaps I like to think that them cannot be present because of their work, demanding and stressful and that it always keeps them away from home. Easier. More beautiful. And “Do you feel so cool?” arrives: an angry song in the lyrics but cheerful in the melody and in the sound. The song wrote itself. UB likes to write songs that have wide margins of interpretation and for this reason the original interpretation is not so important, if you want you can think it talks about love, a love story but no, it couldn’t be so trivial. Everyone writes about love. Everyone but you, because you are special … you are UB.

Do you feel so cool?

And so now you know almost everything. I hope you like my songs and this kind of liberty in writing songs without being the real person you are. I suggest you to do the same because this kind of emotion is really a good vibe to feel. Feel free and if you’re not, dream to be.

Unknown Beauty